Inland beauties: Don’t let No. 6 at Tidewater Golf Club bite you

Feb 28, 2023 | Myrtle Beach Golf, Myrtle Beach Golf courses, North Myrtle Beach Golf

CHERRY GROVE, S.C. – The quartet of holes at Tidewater Golf Club that play along Cherry Grove Inlet generate countless Instagram posts, but there is more to the nationally acclaimed layout’s appeal than scenery. Tidewater has been ranked among the nation’s top 100 public courses and it was named the South Carolina’s Golf Course of the Year in 2022, and it takes more than beauty to earn those types of distinctions. The inland holes at Tidewater are more than just complementary parts; they are a driving force behind the course’s appeal. 

One of the layout’s best inland holes is No. 6, known as “Hidden Moccasin,” a par 4 that appears tame on the scorecard but can bite unsuspecting golfers. The hole is straight and of moderate length – 398 yards from the blue tees, 387 yards from the whites – but distance isn’t the issue. From the tee, the water on the left is visible but not intimidating, enticing players to swing away with the driver. What isn’t as obvious to the naked eye is how much the water creeps back toward the tee. The fairway is 50 yards wide and it takes a poke of 220+ yards to reach the pond, but with a tree line looming on the right, the tendency is to pull the ball, bringing trouble into play. A small creek links the pond that defends the fairway to one that menaces the right side of the green. Avoiding the stream and the green-side water shouldn’t be difficult, especially with plenty of bailout room on the left, but much of that is dictated by the tee shot.

An aggressive drive, which runs the risk of finding the water, sets up what should be a benign approach. Play conservatively off the tee and a longer, riskier second shot to a slightly elevated green awaits. Sandwiched between holes 3 and 4 that play along Cherry Grove Inlet and Nos. 8 and 9 that bring the marshy waters of the Intracoastal Waterway into play, it can be easy to overlook No.6, but it’s exactly the type of hole that makes Tidewater such a treat to play. For more information or to book a tee time, visit the course’s website at

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